About us

About us


We are your partners,
wholly dedicated to supporting your ideal home and lifestyle.

Our job is to help you build a home - and a life - and remain
your partner now and in the future

1.To put customers first.
We deeply appreciate all of our supporters, from our customers to our partners, and we will do our best to continue crafting homes that are brimming with energy, happiness, and smiles.
2.To provide homes with true value.
We oversee every process from land development to home construction, and our team provides solutions for every one of our customers’ lifestyle needs while keeping costs minimal and maintaining the highest quality construction.
3.To care for and support
our customers for a lifetime.
Even after we deliver homes to our customers, our care and support continues throughout our customers’ lives.

With flexibility that answers to the demands of today’s home buyer,
we continue to grow as a trustworthy and reliable company.

Ever since our founding, we here at Asahi Housing Center have established our social standing as a provider of ready-built houses. We have continued to serve the local areas of Yokohama and Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture. Our continued and steady growth is wholly due to the gift of heartwarming support from our customers. We deeply thank you for this.
With the Heisei era ending and the Reiwa era beginning, we, too, have revised our corporate structure. Asahi Housing Center aims to grow even more by strengthening our business foundation along with expanding our core business of the construction of ready-built houses to the Tokyo metropolitan business field.
We have aggressively charged ahead of our competitors by being the first to disclose our housing inspection information via a third-party organization and focusing on the introduction of energy-saving equipment and thermal insulating materials in our products. However, in the face of a wave of globalization that advances on all of us, environmental problems, and the diversification of lifestyles, today’s customers have all sorts of requests for their homes from us. We here at Asahi Housing Center will continue to push ourselves to not only accurately perceive the needs of our customers, but also to continue to provide our customers with safe, high-quality housing.
Together with our integrated production system of creating homes that begins with the purchasing of land, to planning and construction, all the way to follow-up service, we wish to continue to exist as a corporation that is trusted and respected by our customers. Asahi Housing Center will do this by adhering to our three-pronged corporate vision of putting customers first, providing homes with true value, and caring for and supporting our customers for a lifetime.
We look forward to the continued support and guidance from our customers.

President Yuji Kayama

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